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The Grout Perfect Business Opportunity

Is Now On Sale New Zealand wide!

Would you like to be your own true boss in one of the fastest growing industries in the country! Then a Tile and Grout Cleaning/Restoration business ticks all the boxes. Unsure where to start when it comes to training and equipment purchases? That is why Grout Perfect has created a basic business opportunities for you to choose from designed and tailored to suit all budgets. This is a turn key system no experience necessary.

At Grout perfect we can teach you the skills needed to restore tile and grout back to better than new condition, by using new technologies in the tile and grout cleaning industry with grout colour sealing being the most popular, with colour sealing grout you will be able to offer your customers a bathroom and shower make over in conjunction with silicon replacement which in turn creates amazing results and high customer satisfaction, this is a professional service that is in high demand right now. You will be amazed at the skills you will learn and how to run your own business successfully.

Ideal for anyone wanting to say goodbye to the boss, great for the husband and wife team, entrepreneur, even franchisees are switching to the grout perfect business opportunity as they have realized they can save thousands working for themselves instead for handing over their hard earned money back to the franchisor. Most franchises only let you work in a certain area or suburb with a 15 to 20 thousand population cap. With our business packages you can have any location that you would like to work and advertise in, giving you the freedom to grow at your own pace.

With a Grout Perfect business opportunity package there is:
  • No Franchising fees
  • No royalties to pay
  • No contracts to sign
  • No population caps
  • No limit on locations
  • No sales commissions
  • No marked up supplies

Your business. Your name. Use your own products from your own local supplier, this can save you a lot of money per year as being tied into a contract where you have to buy the franchisers products can certainly hurt your bottom line. At the end of the day owning a tile and grout cleaning franchise still means you are working for someone else, why pay more than your competitors pay for supplies and hidden fees, how are you going to compete against a competitor who has lower running costs and can work in any area they choose. With our business opportunity you can save thousands in your first year alone and don’t forget we are a New Zealand owned company with over 11 years of proven systems and procedures that work in our current sister companies.

As a Grout Perfect business opportunity owner you and your customers will also have access to the Grout Perfect website and internet marketing campaigns we also add you into the Grout Perfect Find An Applicator list on our website. This way you can send your customers to our website instead of having your own or we can help you develop your own personal website as a Tile and Grout Restoration specialists and Grout Colour Sealing applicator.

What you get with a Grout Perfect Business Opportunity Package:

All our business packages offer all the skills, stock, equipment and tools needed to get you started, it includes the 1 day hands on applicators course, not only does our course cover how to be a professional tile and grout restoration specialists but we show you how to avoid the pitfalls from experience . Please refer our current start up Package Kit as a downloadable PDF.

The start up buy in is FAR CHEAPER than any competitor systems. Admittedly you get a lot less, but for those of you who are currently in business, or have past experience. WHY would you throw money away if you have the business ability, and skills to build or add this technology to your offerings.


We look forward in helping you get your business off the ground. Call Phil Andrew on 021799922 or 0800 744784, Phil has over 12 years experience in the service industry and has multiple agency business units around both New Zealand and Australia. With more experience and past mistakes behind him, Phil is well placed to guide and teach and provide the industry with qualified training expertise and advice. He has successfully owned and operated multiple business’s himself which are well provable and familiar with continued growth.

Remember your skills and knowledge will predict your income.

Why Choose Grout Perfect?

Mess-Free, Dust-Free Solutions

Our exclusive American-made grout colour sealer avoids the mess, dust, and often does not require your current grout to be removed.

Quality That Speaks

With a professional finish and utmost honesty and integrity, we leave no stone unturned in delivering excellence.

Full Spectrum of Services

We rejuvenate tiles and grout for bathrooms, showers, kitchen floors, hallways, entrance ways, laundry, ensuites — we've got it all covered.

Based in Queenstown and Wanaka — We travel anywhere in the greater Otago and Southland region.

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