Rejuvenate Bathrooms, Showers, Kitchens, Balcony Grout Tiles ON BUDGET – Guaranteed
View our BEFORE – DURING and AFTER On site Bathroom and Shower Rejuvenation OVERVIEW

A: We rejuvenate, renew and makeover tired dirty looking Tiled and Grouted Zones

(Without the expense of a full renovation involving builders, plumbers  or ripping out tiles that are otherwise in perfect condition) * Budget Rental Property and Holiday Home Owners * Multiple Apartment Tiled Shower and Kitchen zones *


Our Region of Operation

Queenstown – Wanaka – Central Otago – Dunedin – Southland


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C: BUY Grout Perfect™ Colour Sealer

Designed to allow a tradesman or the home owner achieve outstanding results to tile and grout floors and walls without removing the grout or tiles.

Buy a DIY Home application Pack, OR have a Grout Perfect™ applicator do it for you, OR even add the BIZ ADD-PACK to your local cleaning business. diversify, and increase your profitability opportunities significantly! **


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Grout Perfect™ Colour Seal Is Used To:

  • Change grout colours without replacing grout.
  • Protect new grout installations to stop stains and mildew.
  • Eliminate the need for harsh chemicals being used again.
  • Create consistent uniform grout colour for better appearance.
  • Redecorate! No need to replace that expensive tiled floor.
  • Reduce cleaning labor for home or office personal.
  • Eliminate impossible stains.
  • Make that white, pure white again. (even around the toilet)
  • Brighten existing faded or outdated grout colour back to new.

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External Balcony Before and After

We will do it ALL and on a BUDGET

Some of our clients before and after RESULTS