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Tips and Warnings

Tips and Warnings

  • Using Grout Colour Sealer
    • ONLY ceramic,porcelain and quarry tiles can have the grout colour sealed for natural stone tiles we recommend clear sealing only.
    • If you are planning on grout colour sealing a large tiled area eg. 120 m2 than we advise you to use knee pads your knees will thank you and make sure you have plenty off dry towels on hand.
    • Not all grout installations are perfect, grout lines that are too high ( not recessed ) can not be colour sealed the grout should be at least 2 ml below the tile.
    • Maintenance on colour sealed grout should only be cleaned with a Neutral pH 7 cleaner which is nether acidic or alkaline in nature. Never use ammonia, bleach or vinegar.
    • If you find the grout is looking soiled than apply a generous amount of pH 7 cleaner than towel dry for stubborn soils use window cleaner no scrubbing than towel dry.
    • Grout Colour seal dries in minutes so make sure you remove any excess of the tiles during the application process. If the sealer has dried simply apply a neutral cleaner or window cleaner and lightly agitate the tile than towel dry.
    • Make sure you wear your painters shirt grout colour sealer can permanently stain clothing or anything porous it touches like carpet use masking tape to protect these materials is important.

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