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GP 250ml *One Bottle Colour (DIY KIT)


GP 250ml *One Bottle Colour (DIY KIT)

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Single Bottle Kit includes

  • One Application Brush (Although we ourselves tend to install using our finger for a smoother more even install)
  • * (ONE) 250ml bottle of USA Made Colour Sealer (Client Colour Choice)
  • Cut down ready to use German Made Chamois – Re-rinse and re use multiple times over
  • A USB, or CD containing user details, and Product maintenance information
  • EXTRA bottle Nib
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Colour Seal 250ml     

Save 20%

Comes with:

1 bottle 250ml Colour Sealer (your choice of colour)

5 chamois and CD or USB plus Applicator brush and extra Bottle Nib end

Full User Instructions and application information

* Allows for a DIY application of around 10 Square metres, of the average 300 by 300 shaped square tile.



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Alabaster, Antique Ivory, Architectural Grey, Bright White, Charcoal, Delorean Grey, Jamoca, Light Grey, Light Pewter, Light Pewter 2, Malibu Sand, Mist White, Oak, Platinum, Quartz, Taupe Twist

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