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GP Colour seal Maintain 500ml concentrate


GP Colour seal Maintain 500ml concentrate

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Non Caustic, bio-degradable surfactant, similar to that of your common dish wash liquid.

GP Maintenance is diluted around 1 part to 20 parts water, and goes a LONG way.

EXAMPLE – 50 mls in a BUCKET of hot water

As Colour Sealer wont stain or degrade like normal grout, using a deep cleaner like GP Maintain, is not needed as frequently as normal grout and floor cleaning


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This GROUT Maintenance Product is recommended by  Grout Perfect and used by our applicators and tradespeople.

Use to MAINTAIN, and clean Grout Sealer AFTER Colour Sealing.

Dilute 20-1, and Can be used in a STEAM MOP.

This dilution rate will allow you to maintain your grout colour sealer for months if not years!

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