How to Colour Seal Grout in Floors

How to restore your tile and grout using high pH solutions

Use when your floors require a restoration clean or prior to colour sealing your grout.
Step 1

Use a Manual Hand Grout Carbide Blade. Make sure ALL the grout channel are 100% prepared to be slightly BELOW the actual tile surface, so the colour seal stays IN A CHANNEL when you wipe clean.. obvious really!

Once the area is clean and dry apply a bead of Grout Perfects Colour Seal down the grout joint work 1 lineal metre at a time. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself, as the excess sealer can dry off, and cause you to spent wayyyy too much time wiping it clean.. especially with underfloor heating zones

Step 2

Using our applicator brush, tooth brush or finger lightly work the sealer down the grout joint. We ALWAYS Install Two coats for optimum coverage and a good sound universal finish that LASTS!. Allow the first initial coast to set dry first (Usually 15 – 20 minutes interior)

Step 3

Simply wipe away any excess grout sealer from the tile surface by moving your hand down the grout joint with our damp rung out microfiber chamois and your grout is restored. Tip! Minimize the amount of excess grout sealer left on the tile during the wiping but be sure to cover all of the grout in the joint.

Step 4

After 1 hour lightly mist the floor using our maintain neutral cleaner or a window cleaning solution than towel dry, this process removes any haze left over from the colour sealer. Tip! If you find it hard to remove the haze than use a white scour pad agitate with maintain or window cleaner than towel dry. DO NOT abrase or scrape damage the colour sealer

Do not wet or steam mop clean your floors for 5 days after colour sealing vacuum only and enjoy your new floor! The Colour Sealer needs to set and lock into your grout

Have US Install and rejuvenate or simply diy

Your welcome to purchase COLOUR SEALER in 250ml DIY (Do it yourself) easy Squeeze Bottles if you feel confident enough, or are located in a region not serviced by an experienced Technician. Simply go to your online shop and make it happen.

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