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About Us & Owner

About Us:

Grout Perfect™ New Zealand” is the exclusive importer and distributor of Authentic Acrylic Colour Sealers from the United States. (Made in Miami, Florida, USA) since early 1990’s, Grout Perfect™ is the highest quality, rubber infused, and concrete hardened colour protector in the world! You cannot purchase it from a retail hardware store!

We hold the Trade Mark identity and can supply most of the Entire Grout Perfect™ range of products available.

Grout Perfect™ is a subsidiary of our current Business ‘Holdings’ Head Office based in Queenstown, and it is here we carry out most of the pre despatch, and technical training if and when required.

Grout Perfect™ Colour Sealer is a significant add-on to our other service operations and offerings. Not only can we **Restore and Remove Clean Back water Stained Shower Glass, and Protect is with German Made Nanotechnology, but Grout Perfect Colour Sealer finishes the job brilliantly!

Currently we send product orders all over New Zealand to BOTH Commercial Tilers and our own Grout Perfect™applicators business people, and to the many hundreds of DIY end users alike.!

The NZ Owner:

Philip Andrew is the principle Director and owner of Grout Perfect™ for New Zealand. Phil has been self employed for well over 12 years, and been in business with his own companies since 1999. Surviving the GFC in early 2000’s can not be underestimated, as thousands of small business dreams employing husband and wife start ups, went under overnight! Having a sound knowledge of online social media marketing, google adwords and online channel advertising spend, along with customer service delivery, and product knowledge, supply systems is a vital aspect of both business expansion and survival long term, but an integral part of supporting many commercial and tiler, cleaning company users of the product Grout Perfect™.

Phil 737-400  63mb size

Phil is an ex commercial pilot, has travelled extensively and is based in Queenstown, New Zealand’s outdoor action centre, and the worlds playground for all things active outdoor! Its all about living a lifestyle…. not about getting to an end point!

Contact Phil any business day (Monday – Friday) with any questions:

Mobile: 021799922


Weekends are for living, exploring and challenging yourself!

You will find it difficult contacting me in weekends as I am often in the mountains or out of cellular range!